Million Writers Award: The Best New Online Voices edited by Jason Sanford

Note: The small press publisher of the print edition of this anthology went out of business. Used copies, though, are still available online.

For nearly a decade the Million Writers Award has honored the best fiction published in online magazines and journals. Now collected for the first time are the most exciting literary voices recognized by this award. Read these groundbreaking short stories and you’ll understand why online magazines and journals are the place to find today’s most vital and challenging stories.

Table of Contents

  • Friday Afternoons on Bus Number 51 - by Sruthi Thekkiam
  • The Incorrupt Body of Carlo Busso - by Eric Maroney
  • The Mountain’s Laughter is a Landslide in the Seed Moon’s Light - by J. M. Scoville
  • Hospitality - by Summer Block
  • I Am My Rooster - by Taylur Thu Hien Ngo
  • Do You Have a Place For Me - by Roxane Gay
  • Cancer Party - by Nicola Mason
  • Interview With A Moron - by Elizabeth Stuckey-French
  • Grief Mongers - by Sefi Atta
  • Alex Trebek Never Eats Fried Chicken - by Matt Bell
  • The Infinite Monkey Theorem - by Marshall Moore
  • Sandwiches From Home - by Jessica Schneider
  • The Black Tongue - by Anjana Basu
  • The Rules of Urban Living - by Kara Janeczko
  • Madame Sabat’s Grave - by Corey Mesler
  • The Boy With the Hole In His Head - by Gokul Rajaram
  • Vertically Divided, Blue-White-Red - by Mark MacNamara
  • Ditch - by Eric Beetner
  • You Are a 14-Year-Old Arab Chick Who Just Moved to Texas - by Randa Jarrar