Support the Bexley Public Library levy

As I've mentioned before, I'm fortunate to live near two world-class public libraries—the Columbus Metropolitan Library and, in my small hometown, the Bexley Public Library. The Columbus Library is continually rated as one the best large-city library systems in the country, while the Bexley Library has been rated number one in the nation among smaller library systems.

Unfortunately, the state of Ohio—along with many other governments—is taking the path of idiotic resistance by cutting library funding. A few years ago this resulted in the Bexley Library asking for and receiving its first levy, which voters overwhelmingly approved. Now that levy is ending and the library is asking for a new one to be approved.

The library is asking Bexley voters to approve a 2.8 mill operating levy, which will both replace the 1.5 mill levy expiring in 2014 while also covering even more cuts to library funding by the state of Ohio. If the 2.80 mill operating levy is approved, the owner of a home appraised at $100,000 would pay approximately $8.17 per month, or $98.00 annually, to support the Bexley Library.

It's hard to overstate how important the Bexley Library is to our community. In fact, one of the reasons our community is a community is because the library brings all of us together in a shared love of learning and reading.

The library has a page devoted to the levy, while a group of concerned citizens have created a site called Support Your Bexley Library. Read up on the levy at those links and, on Nov. 5th, vote yes on issue 49.