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January 06, 2013


Hi Jason,

That's a depressingly long list. However, if by "The Hub" you mean the British "Hub Magazine" (http://www.hubfiction.com/), then that at least is still publishing, albeit erratically after a year-plus hiatus. Three issues appeared during November/December 2012. Of course, there may have been another Hub that I never noticed.


Vaughan Stanger

This list has a painfully high correlation with my own publication history ... I'd also note Somewhat.org (they may have been around only long enough to publish two of my flash pieces), Rumble (ditto), and Melic Review.

Vaughan: I think there was another Hub, but I'll check into it.

Michael: You and me both. Several places on this list published my fiction.

I entered The Hub as a closed market because Duotrope had officially declared it defunct by the end of 2012. I can understand why: The Hub had published no issues since August of 2011 and had not published a notice they were going on hiatus.
The Hub has indeed resumed publication as of November 2012, but I was going by what Duotrope had to say about the journal. I do not know if Duotrope has since reinstated The Hub as an active market, because Duotrope is now a pay-for-use service and I have not paid the $50 subscriber fee (and possibly never will).

Robert: I know I said in my post that you compiled this list, but I want to again thank you for doing this. And it sounds like the Hub qualifies to be on this list. If someone brings it back we'll make note of that.

I said this in an email to Jason, and I will say it here also: nearly forty percent of the journals that have published at least one MWA Notable Story are permanently closed. Now go read Ecclesiastes, listen to Mahler's "Song of the Earth" and think gloomy thoughts about the transience of man and his works.

I wish this comments board would let me edit my posts--I let 'transience' get by me.

No, 'transience' is the correct spelling. This is what I get for entering comments after having had no sleep the night before.

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