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July 03, 2011


I believe you are about right on the money here. I like your thinking in terms of "usual" or not. For me Dervish House is #1 (it's the only McDonald novel I have read---if you say that Brasyl is that much better I am really excited to read it) and 100K Kingdoms #2 but I would not be at all disappointed to see 100K win. If I had more time I would re-read 100K and see if maybe my opinion would change (I read it very shortly after it came out, so very early in the cycle.....)

It felt good to see someone else have more or less the same opinion about Blackout. To be honest I hated it. I thought going through WWII eyewitness accounts of the Blitz or Dunkirk or wherever else would be a far better use of my time. There just isn't much of a story there. The characters are completely one dimensional. Her depiction of futuristic Oxford is just ridiculous; why are people running around passing around hard copies of information? Why is it so hard to track anyone down? Why does it seem to be more like 1950 than 2050 in terms of everyday communication and informational technology?

I hate to put a book down half way and I almost *never* do it but it was just too painfully bad for me to continue.

I do think that Feed was not entirely usual; I like the idea of the world being already aware of the notion of Zombies. It introduced some "meta-level" ideas into the equation that, for me, at least were new. But her writing needs a bit of work and the book could have done with some editing.

Cryoburn was fun but definitely a "usual" Miles story.

You have a fabulous blog! I want to award you the Best of Sci/Fi Blog Award for all the hard work you do!

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