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July 01, 2011


The bastard has already had warning enough. Go ahead and release all the juicy data re the author and his designated ballot box stuffer. (Mightn't they be one and the same person?)

Why just "his" stuffer? Couldn't it be "her" stuffer? Or even the act of a well-oiled GROUP (known or not-known to the author?)

If this ballot was taking place in England, where people legally wager real money on just about ANYTHING, a vote on stories such as this might not ordinarily surface on the public radar, but betting on just who the guilty "he"/"she"/"they" turns out to be probably would have many willing to give odds on the matter -- and many willing to reach for their wallets/purses and take those odds.

In any case, 4 days to go....

I don't believe I revealed whether the author at question was male or female. And as of now, I can't say anything more. We'll see how this plays out.

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