Analog and Interzone: Separated at Birth?

Over on both the Interzone and Analog readers' forums people have pointed out a funny coincidence: two recent issues of Analog have reprinted artwork which previously ran on the cover of Interzone.

First, here's are the covers from Interzone 203 (circa 2006) and the March 2011 Analog:

Interzone203 AnalogMarch2011

Next, here are the covers from Interzone 101 (circa 1995) and the December 2010 Analog:

Interzone101 AnalogDec2010

What's fascinating about that second set of covers is the artist reworked the image to fit the magazines' different layout requirements.

It's a common practice for artists to recycle artwork – which after all means another payday for them and affordable artwork for publishers – but it is interesting to see this in action.