Story Accepted by Daily Science Fiction

Winter is not be my favorite time of the year because of that whole ice and snow thing. However, from the point of view of my fiction writing this has been a hell of a good season. First, Interzone published a special issue devoted to my short fiction. Then my story "The Never, Never Wizard of Appalachicola" was published as the cover story in Intergalactic Medicine Show. And to top off the winter festival of fictional happiness, today Daily Science Fiction accepted my fantasy "The Blue Room."

In case you've missed it, Daily Science Fiction is a dynamic new online SF magazine. Edited by Jonathan Laden and Michele Barasso, DSF publishes a new story every weekday, with each story emailed to readers for free (although you can also read the stories on their website). And because DSF pays some of the best rates in the genre they've already snagged stories from many of today's hottest SF writers.

Look for "The Blue Room" by the middle of next year. And before then, be sure to check out DSF.