My Story "The Never, Never Wizard of Apalachicola" in IGMS

My story "The Never, Never Wizard of Apalachicola" has been published in the new issue of Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show.  This is my second appearance in IGMS, but my first time as a "featured cover author." Be sure to check out the mind-blowingly good art from Julie Dillon.  

As IGMS editor Edmund R. Schubert says in his letter from the editor,  my story is "about the yin and yang between science and magic, and the value both can bring to a dangerous world." Other content in the issue includes stories by Gary Kloster, Jens Rushing,  Erin Cashier, and Bruce Worden along with two Christmas stories, one by Orson Scott Card and another by Maureen Power. To top it all off, there's even an interview with Ellen Datlow.

To read the issue, you'll need to purchase a one-year subscription (six issues) for $15. Personally, I think this is a great deal because along with the next year's worth of stories a subscription gives you access to the last 20 issues of IGMS  (which means you could also read "Rumspringa," which was my first professionally published SF story).

Thanks to Edmund Schubert for accepting the story, Eric James Stone for recommending it, and Julie Dillon for her great art.