Subscribe to Interzone, receive the Jason Sanford special issue for free

Jason-Flyer Andy Cox, the editor of Interzone and Black Static, has sent me some exciting news: For a limited time, anyone who subscribes to 12 issues of either Interzone or the Interzone/Black Static combination can receive the Jason Sanford special issue for free!

As I've mentioned before, the upcoming issue of Interzone focuses on my fiction and contains three of my newest stories, an in-depth interview with me, and more. The issue will be published November 12th.

I highly recommend subscribing to Interzone and Black Static. Interzone is the best science fiction magazine in the world and I've been a subscriber for quite a while (well before they began publishing my stories). And as Ellen Datlow has said, Black Static is "the most consistently excellent horror magazine published." It's hard to argue with her assessment.

To receive this special offer, simply order a 12 issue (two-year) subscription to either Interzone or the Interzone/Black Static combination through the TTA Press online store. Then, in the Shopper’s Reference box, enter JASON SANFORD. That way you'll receive the special issue for free.

And as a note to overseas subscribers like myself, subscribing to 12 issues cuts down on your price because TTA Press sends out half those issues without any added shipping costs. Add in another free issue and you can't beat this deal.

I don't know how long Andy plans to make this special offer, so I urge people to take him up on it. And if you need any more convincing, check out the promo flyer above and its illustrations from the upcoming issues of Interzone and Black Static. Not only do these magazines publish some of the best short fiction in speculative literature, they're also the most beautifully designed.