Finalist for the Last Drink Bird Head Award

So here's the deal: I'm a finalist for the Last Drink Bird Head Award for the "gentle advocacy" I do on this blog. Gentle advocacy, as the award states, actually means "In recognition of individuals willing to enter into blunt discourse about controversial issues…"

Ironically, I was named a finalist right before my most recent blog post "Robert E. Howard was a racist. Deal with it." So perhaps I am unclear on all this. What's so blunt and controversial about that topic? :-)

The other finalists in my category are

Personally, I consider myself the least worthy of all those bloggers and commentators. If you want to check out some excellent commentary go read their sites.

This is a great award Ann and Jeff VanderMeer give out "to celebrate those in the genre community who enrich us with their time, energy, and words, for causes greater than themselves." Thanks to both of them for this honor, and I urge people to check out all of the finalists for the award.