Context 23 rehash

I really enjoyed myself at the Context 23 convention this past weekend. I took part in several interesting panels, including "Is a SF Renaissance Around The Corner?" (which included such great writers and editors as Tobias Buckell, Timons Esaias, Maura Heaphy, Paul Melko, and Paul Stevens). The panel produced a good bit of insight about the future of the genre. I'm working on a summary for possible posting next week.

Another great panel I took part in was a blogging discussion which included Maurice Broaddus. Maurice had a copy of his upcoming novel King Maker, a reworking of the Arthurian legends set in modern times. The cover art for King Maker is amazing, and the novel--which comes out in the U.S. next month--has already stirred up controversy in Britain by placing that country's beloved Arthur in Indianapolis. The shock! The horror! Maurice has already addressed this issue several times, although for the life of me I can't see why this setting is such a big deal. Anyway, I can't wait to read the novel.

As always, Context was a nice little literary con and well worth attending for writers and lovers of speculative fiction. Thanks to the organizers for having me as a participating author and for indulging me with some fun panels.