What I'm going into debt for

Okay, only a little bit of debt. But here's what I've ordered lately:

  • StarShipSofa's The Captain's Logs. This is the first book I've purchased through Lulu, and I must admit how impressed I am. From a design and printing point of view, it is impossible to tell this from book from any trade paperback released by a major publisher. More importantly, these transcripts of early SSS podcasts are a blast to read. I loved the Harlan Ellison episode, and am looking forward to reading more in the coming days. This is a must buy for anyone who wants to stay current on the ever-changing science fiction scene.
  • Realms of Fantasy. I didn't renew my subscription to RoF when it expired last year because, to be honest, I was irritated with the magazine. It pained me that RoF often felt like an advertisement for every major fantasy film coming down the line because they gave said films their cover space. I also didn't appreciate their response to Fishboob Fail 2009. However, I continued buying the magazine from the bookstore and, now that they've settled in with their new publisher, I'm quite impressed with their work. The last few issues have been great, and remind me of how RoF used to be. Add in their need for more subscribers and I decided to go ahead and resubscribe.