Anyone care if there's a slight change to the Million Writers Award?

As I mentioned last week, I'm evaluating different public voting options for this year's Million Writers Award. I'm now almost finished reading 190 f&!#ing stories :-) so I should be able to release the top ten stories of the year, and start the public vote, around May 15th.

However, the costs to run the public vote look to increase in all the options under consideration. Basically, there are a few good online systems for holding the vote, but all of them cost way more than I've paid in previous years. Under these options, I can pay for a month to month subscription. The catch, though, is that the voting for the award usually runs exactly a month. Adding in setup and vote testing to a one-month vote means I'd have to pay for two months. Ouch.

Would anyone care if the public vote for this year's award ran for three weeks instead of four? That way a one month subscription to a voting system would cover the entire process. Just FYI, I've always paid for this voting system out of my own pocket--meaning all donations go purely toward the prize money--and I'd prefer to keep it this way. I've also noticed that most people vote for their favorite story in the first few weeks.

So are there any concerns if we go with a three week vote?