Interzone and GUD magazine giveaway

Today I saw copies of Interzone 227 (March-April 2010) in a local Barnes & Noble bookstore. It's been over two years since a U.S. bookstore chain has carried this great British SF/F magazine, so I strongly suggest people pick up a copy and see what we Americans have been missing. And at only $7.50, the price can't be beat.

In celebration of my story in the next issue of Interzone, I have two copies of Interzone 227 to give away. I also have a copy of Greatest Uncommon Denominator, issue 5, for a lucky winner. GUD is a wonderful cutting edge literary journal. Back in March I reviewed both of these magazines

If you want to receive one of these magazines, simply post a request in the comment section below. Be sure to tell the world why you have lived a deprived life without these magazines to embrace and read.  : -) Anyone in the U.S. is eligible to win, and I'll give people a week to post their requests. I'm going to let my children pick their favorite comments as the winners, so feel free to release your inner kid below.

Note: Please do not post your address below. When you comment, include your email address in the requested box. If you win, I'll email you for your mailing address.