Million Writers Award prize money

The preliminary judges have been sending me their picks for this year's list of storySouth Million WritersAward notable stories. I'm still waiting for a few final selections, but it looks like we're still set to announce the notable stories on April 1.

Thank to generous donations, we now have $650 in total prize money, along with a $100 gift certificate from the great people at ThinkGeek. This means the prize money for the 2010 Million Writers Award breaks down as follows:

  • $400, plus the $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate, for the first place winner
  • $200 for the runner-up
  • $50 for the honorable mention (third place)

Of course, if more donations come in we'll bump those prize amounts even higher.

Below are the donors who have pitched in for this year's prize money. Many, many thanks to them. Without their support we wouldn't be able to bring as much attention to deserving online stories.

$100 donations

$50 donations

$25 donations

Other donations