The great TOTU giveaway

TOTU30I've received my contributor and subscription copies of Tales of the Unanticipated issue 30 and, in the interest of bringing attention to this long-running semipro magazine, I'm giving away four copies.

Inside is my "Twenty-First Century Fairy Love Story," which is a story I loved writing. There are also a number of great stories by other authors. Among my favorites are "If You Enjoyed This Story..." by Sarah Totten and Matthew S. Rotundo's "Ashes, Ashes." In addition, I absolutely loved "Personal Jesus" by Martha A. Hood, and believe it should be considered for the year's best lists.

If you'd like a free copy of issue 30, email or DM me on Twitter; be sure to explain why you are TOTU worthy. :-) I'll pick the four best responses I receive by next Wednesday and give each a copy. Please note I'm only able to ship these issues to addresses in the US, Canada, and Mexico. My apologies for international readers, but TOTU is a hefty magazine/anthology and what little money I have is being squeezed tight.

Writers should also be aware TOTU will open to submission from March 15 to 30. Be sure to read their complete guidelines. And whether or not you receive a free issue, consider purchasing a subscription and helping support this great semiprozine.