A few updates, and an apology

At midnight this year's storySouth Million WritersAward closed to reader and editor nominations. I'm still sorting everything out, but it looks like we experienced the most nominations ever. Look for an update on all this in a day or two. The next step is for the preliminary judges to report back to me with their selections for the notable stories of the year, which will be released by April 1st.

In other news, I recorded an editorial discussing the recent Nebula Award finalists and also supporting StarShipSofa for a Best Fanzine Hugo. Unfortunately, I messed up a few facts, so I apologize to everyone for that, and especially to Cheryl Morgan and John Klima. I've now recorded a corrected editorial, which you can listen to here. The editorial will also be released on Wednesday as part of StarShipSofa's new podcast. Thanks to Tony and all of the Sofa's listeners for putting up with my irritatingly mistaken ways on this.

Finally, I received my contributor's copies of Tales of the Unanticipated issue 30. While I'm still reading the issue, it looks to be a strong one. So far Martha Hood's story "Personal Jesus" (based on the Johnny Cash cover of that famous song) and Matthew S. Rotundo's "Ashes, Ashes" are my favorites. Consider ordering your issue ASAP.