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December 09, 2009


I downloaded the novel from the SFWA site a few days ago and am hoping to read it before the nominations close.

I also adore The Windup Girl and hope it makes the ballot.

I do want to point out though that nominations have only been open for three weeks and have another two months to go. Most folks wait until the last minute. Historically, the majority of nominations come in the last week.

Mary: I know. That's why I mentioned that my worries may be premature. Still, I'd rather promote the book now than later.

I haven't read Windup Girl *yet*, but it's sitting waiting for me to get around to it, so hearing such comments does rather ramp up the anticipation. Given your comments regarding its paucity of votes, I'll have to admit I sometimes wonder if sf's constituency prefers its fiction ... to be not too sharp-edged, if you follow me.

I liked THE WINDUP GIRL, but I do wish I hadn't read his anthology of short stories first (PUMP SIX AND OTHER STORIES). Windup basically seemed like a novelization of several of them all mashed up together. Really diminished my enjoyment to see so much familiarity there. And frankly, I liked the short stories better.

Wish there was a way to nom the short story collection as a whole; it packs a punch, seeing all his work together. Didn't there used to be a Neb category for compliation/collection works?

I agree with N.K. Jemisin 100%. THE WINDUP GIRL doesn't hold a candle to PUMP SIX AND OTHER STORIES. I suspect that many who love WINDUP GIRL didn't read PUMP SIX, but maybe I'm wrong...

I loved both Bacigalupi's short story collection (especially the title story "Pump Six") and the novel. While The Windup Girl has many of the same motifs as certain of Bacigalupi's stories, it didn't strike me as a mashup. I also think The Windup Girl took the short story themes in new and original directions, resulting in a novel which while related to the short stories totally stands on its own.

I have to say I liked the stories better, too. I liked the issues raised by the novel more than its actual execution. JeffV

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