Why is World Fantasy Convention 2010 avoiding the 21st Century?

There was an interesting Twitter conversation today between Jay Lake, Michael Curry, Elizabeth Bear, and others. Seems World Fantasy Convention 2010 not only hasn't gotten around to setting up an online payment system for registrations, they possibly don't intend to ever have one. According to this tweet, one MKKare spoke with a convention staffer and was told it's only those "decadent coastal elites who want online reg."

Okay, this is BS. I'm really excited WFC is coming next year to my current home of Columbus, Ohio. But I also agree with Jay Lake that "Given the essentially wired nature of our community, not supporting online reg is deeply counterproductive." Last week I mailed my check for the WFC 2010 membership, but it was irritating that I had to physically mail the registration. I'd assumed the issue was WFC 2010 needing more time to get their website up to speed. But if they don't intend to accept online registrations, that is a major issue which will definitely hurt turnout.

My suggestion: Fix this ASAP, and embrace the 21st century.