Why Obama isn't a green lizard in disguise

One of my co-workers listens religiously to Glenn Beck, so today I had the joy of hearing one of his guests ramble about the TV show V exposing the truth about Obama. This comment mirrors a recent Slate article which stated "it's possible to read V as an allegory hostile to PresidentObama and sympathetic with the birthers and other nutcases who believe him to be a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Wow! Words truly fail me. If you believe V is talking about Obama, go a slap yourself. Heck, if you believe any of the birther conspiracies, slap yourself twice.

Obviously, Obama is not a green lizard in disguise because:

  • If anyone is going to devour a guinea pig on TV, it's Orly Taitz.
  • This country's space program has gone to hell in a hand basket, so forget NASA being able to create a city-sized spaceship.
  • Obama is smart enough to realize the universe is full of water. Coming to earth to steal water is, in the words of one commentator at Slate, "the equivalent of me traveling into a city to steal leaves from a park when I live next to some woods in the suburbs."
  • We don't need aliens to infiltrate this planet and cause wars and destruction. Humans are already great at that.