Seeking input on online SF/F/H magazines

In a few weeks I'll be leading a discussion titled "Online Genre Magazines: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" at the Context SF Convention. As I prepare for this, I'd like to hear from editors and readers about their reactions to the different online genre magazines. In particular, if you want me to consider adding your online magazine to my analysis, let me know about it by dropping me an email.

A few points. First, I plan on reprinting this analysis online after the convention, so it will be seen by a number of people. Second, all of the genre magazines in the notable stories list for the Million Writers Award will be in my analysis b/c I'm familiar with them through my work running the award. Third, my analysis will focus on detailing three aspects of each genre magazine: quality of content, quality of editorial work, and quality of site design. I'll also mention which are SFWA professional markets and maybe one or two other items, but my main focus will be alerting writers to those online genre magazines which provide the best exposure for their work.

Email or tweet me your ideas and suggestions.