Thank you to MWA donors

As I mentioned last night, we received so many donations that the top prize for the Million Writers Award is now $500, with the runner-up set to receive $200. In addition, we received a few more donations since that announcement, so I'm trying to decide what to do--should we add the additional money to those prize amounts, or offer a small prize for the third-place honorable mention? Drop me an email with your opinion.

I want to give my great thanks to all the MWA donors. A few donors wished to remain anonymous, while others didn't want a specific dollar amount listed next to their name.  To honor these wishes, I've arranged the donors in the following categories. I've also included, where available, a link to the donor's website.

$200 donors

  • One anonymous donation
  • WordArts, Inc. While I am thankful to all our donors, I want to mention a few extra words of thanks to WordArts for its overall contribution to online literature. Under the helm of editor Jeff Crook, WordArts published two wonderful online publications: Postcards from Hell and Southern Gothic, both of which Jeff had to shut down in recent months. These publications showcased top-notch fiction, with one Southern Gothic story ("Vertically Divided, Blue-Red-White" by Mark MacNamara) making the 2007 MWA top ten list.

$100 donor

  • Henry F. Tonn

$50 donors

  • Anthony Mohr
  • Whitney Pastorek

Other donations