Ghosts of Thailand, the commercial

For such powerful supernatural creatures, ghosts are very culturally specific. What scares people in one country might end up being laughed at in another. As proof of this, I present this wonderfully funny commercial featuring a whole bunch of Thai ghosts. I came across the ad while writing a ghost story set in Thailand.

I spent two years in Thailand as a Peace Corps Volunteer and can state that while the ghosts seem funny in the commercial--which is the intention, to show that ghosts are not scary when seen in the light--few Thai people would laugh if they ran into these ghosts on a dark country road.

The commercial also contains a Thai-specific joke about a "jackfruit ghost," which is a pun on the Thai slang word for a cheap street prostitute (many of whom evidently used to hang around jackfruit trees in old Bangkok). The translation printed on the screen at this point--which reads "transvestite"--is wrong and was created by someone with a poor grasp of the language. Instead, when the kid asks if that is a jackfruit ghost, his father merely says "human" in Thai.