Congrats to IGMS

I wanted to offer my deepest congratulations to Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, which yesterday released its tenth issue. This is a big milestone for one of the best professional SF/F magazines out there--either on or offline--because it means IGMS has hit its planned publication schedule of four issues per year. Praise should also go out to editor Edmund Schubert for pushing IGMS toward its full potential.

If you aren't already reading IGMS, this looks like a great issue to pick up the habit (which only costs $2.50 per issue). Or might I suggest issue five from last year, which contains my story "Rumspringa." I know, I know--that's a pretty blatant personal plug. But one of the things I like about IGMS is how they have been so supportive of new writers. They were the first professional magazine to publish one of my SF stories, and I'm deeply grateful for that.