Her dying wish to vote

As this political season winds down, I hope that people will keep some perspective on why we go through this turmoil every four years. Voting is the greatest of civic virtues. However, in the heat of a political campaign, with mudslinging and attacks all around, it's easy to forget why people throughout history have struggled and fought so they can have a voice in their government.

One person who truly understood the power of voting was an amazing woman it was my honor to briefly know: Suzanne McDaniel Hayes.

Suzanne has been fighting terminal cancer for the last two years. As the end of her fight neared, she told her doctor she didn't care what he did to prolong her life, just as long as "I live to vote." Suzanne was able to vote by absentee ballot last Wednesday. She died on Saturday. Suzanne lead an amazing life right up until the end, and what an example she set for all of us on how voting is a sacred duty.

To learn more about her struggle to vote, listen to this public radio interview or this American Public Radio article (which includes links to photos).

My deepest sympathy goes out to her husband Bill and their three kids.