Literary criticism and the difference in good and bad editors

A friend of mine, Dan Schneider, has a fascinating essay up dealing with his experiences with Cambridge University Press. An excerpt from one of Dan's critical essays was recently reprinted in their new textbook Contemporary Fiction: TheNovel Since 1990, edited by Pamela Bickley. As Dan points out in the essay, he wasn't paid for this reprinting and knew going in that the editors would probably take his words out of context. All he asked was that the editors not mangle his criticism too much and credit him as "Dan Schneider, webmaster of, reprinted with permission from" As you can see by reading the essay, the editors couldn't even get that one simple request right.

Contrast this with Stanley Schmidt and the other editors of Analog Science Fiction and Fact. My story "Where Away You Fall" is forthcoming in Analog and yesterday I received the page proofs so I can have a final look before the story is published. Very nice. That's how good editors do things--as opposed to the esteemed Cambridge U.P.