Countdown to the Million Writers Award

These are the final hours of the Million Writers Award, with voting set to end at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time tonight. I'll be up until the very end--making sure there are no last minute attempts at vote stuffing--and I'll officially announce the winner shortly after midnight.

For those needing more of a MWA fix, blogger Erica Naone has written some excellent posts about this year's finalists. Here's her review of Cat Rambo and Jeff VanderMeer's "The Surgeon’s Tale," her thoughts on Matt Bell's "Alex Trebek Never Eats Fried Chicken," her review of Kelly Shriver's "The Ethical Dilemma of a Sandwich Down the Pants," and her analysis of how much fantasy it takes to make a fantasy (with regards to Liz Williams' story "The Hide").