More William Sanders crap (or how not to be a professional SF/F editor)

I promised myself I wouldn't devote any more of my limited time to the William Sanders affair. But now I see that Sanders has gone off the deep end on Yoon Ha Lee, a talented writer I admire whose story "Notes on the Necromantic Symphony" was selected as a notable story in the current Million Writers Award.

Lee asked that her story"The Shadow Postulates," which Sanders had published on Helix, be removed from that site because she no longer wished to be associated with Sanders' comments about Muslims. Sanders responded by saying that her story "never did make any sense" and that he only accepted it to "please those who admire your work and also because (notorious bigot that I am) I was trying to get more work by non-Caucasian writers." Sanders closed his e-mail my stating "There was a suggestion I was going to make, but it is probably not physically practicable." Very tasteful.

If there's anyone out there who still thinks Sanders retains any shred of professionalism, this should put that view to a quick death. Let me also state that Yoon Ha Lee is a talented writer whose stories I have greatly enjoyed reading. Show your support for her by reading more of her fiction.