The Final Countdown (UPDATE: The not so final final)

I'm really not trying to milk this whole notable story thing--life has been hectic and I simply haven't had the time needed to finish the job. But I'm committed to staying up as late tonight as needed to get this finished. To keep myself focused, I'll post updates on this post through the night.

UPDATE 1 (April 28, 8:40 pm): I'm plugging away at the list. Taking longer than I thought to get the programming out. Still, I should have this up before midnight!

UPDATE 2 (9:00 pm): Blackbird and Agni are looking really good this year. Lots of notable stories.

UPDATE 3 (9:41 pm): A major irritation of mine is when online journals only keep links to stories up for a year or so. I mean, this is the frickin internet. Why remove a story from a place where readers can find it?

UPDATE 4 (10:41 pm): Reality set in when I estimated how much time was required to finish formatting the list. I'm still three hours from being finished and I have to go to work in the morning, so this drama is at an end for the night. Check back tomorrow night around 9 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time.