Wanted: Library or fan to support a science fiction legacy

You never know what you'll find on the Analog Science Fiction and Fact forum. A reader named Keith has been contacted by a SF fan's heirs who are selling microfiche sets of Astounding Science Fiction (1930-1984, plus color fiche of all its covers, and an index too), its fantasy companion Unknown/Unknown Worlds (1939-1943), and the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Specifically, the heirs want to honor their dad's love and respect for SF by finding a home for the collection "with either some institution like a university library, or someone who'll read it and use it to enrich the SF community." Keith also hopes there's a university or local public library out there with a computerized microfiche reader hybrid machine that can scan and create PDFs from the originals.

For more information, see the original post or contact Keith at asfmicrofiche@gmail.com. As with all internet purchases, please check out the details before sending any cash (although this seems very legit and an excellent way for a library to gain instant credibility as a destination for SF/F researchers).