Pimping for that Hugo or Nebula Award

The SF/F awards season must be upon us because across the blogoshere authors are pimping their writings in hopes as catching an award nomination. As usual with online trends, John Scalzi started this ball rolling several years ago by annually listing his works which were eligible for the Hugo and Nebula Awards. Now that so many others are jumping on the award-blogging bandwagon, I thought I'd compile a list of links to the different authors and editors who are promoting their award-eligible works:

  • John Scalzi (For his novel The Last Colony, novelette "The Sagan Diary," and more.
  • Chris Roberson (For his novelette "The Sky is Large and the Earth is Small," which is slated to appear in two "best of" collections and is posted on Chris' blog.)
  • Robert J. Sawyer (For his novel Rollback, which Publisher's Weekly says "may well win another major SF award." Sawyer also promotes Stanley Schmidt as the person most deserving of the next Hugo Award for best editor.)
  • Jay Lake (For his novel Mainspring and assorted short fiction.)
  • John Joseph Adams (Mainly for his editing work under the Hugo's Special Award: Professional category; he also lists short stories by other authors for consideration)
  • David Louis Edelman (For the 2008 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Science Fiction or Fantasy Writer. Edelman also promotes Mary Robinette Kowal and Cat Rambo for the same award, which IMHO is mighty nice of him.)

For those in the dark about how the Hugo Award process works, Frank Wu offers an excellent primer (along with his ideas on nominees in the fanzine and fan writer categories).

I hope people will also check out two of my SF/F stories from the last year: "Book Scouts of the Galactic Rim" in Menda City Review and "Rumspringa" in Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. I'm not trying to pimp these stories for an award because I'm realistic enough to know that neither has a snowball's chance in hell of landing a nomination. Still, I'm proud of the stories and hope readers enjoy them.