Overview of new SF/F magazines

A number of new SF/F magazines have graced my mailbox this holiday season. Among the items of note are:

  • An excellent Feb. 2008 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction. As previously noted, the issue contains the wonderful conclusion to Allen M. Steele's Galaxy Blues serial. The issue also contains a number of other top-notch stories, including "The Ray Gun: A Love Story" by James Alan Gardner (a highly recommended story in which a teenage boy finds his life's purpose and love through an alien ray gun); "From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled" by Michael Swanwich (a very good story featuring amazing world creation by Swanwich, although it was harder to relate to this story's characters than in many of Swanwich's tales); and the short but sweet "Sex and Violence" by Nancy Kress (in which the grand meaning of our existence turns out to be sex, something our genes have always known).
  • The Dec. 2007 issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction features explorations of C.L. Moore, R.A. Lafferty, A.E. van Vogt, and a very good interview with Nalo Hopkinson by Michael Lohr. The NYRSF remains my favorite nonfiction SF/F magazine, proving itself again and again with insightful articles and essays you will find nowhere else.
  • The Jan./Feb. 2008 Analog Science Fiction and Fact features many excellent stories, including "Marsbound," the first part of a new serial by Joe Haldeman. If the next two parts keep pace with Haldeman's opening, this could end up being his best novel in years. Other very good stories in the double issue include "Conversations with My Knees" by Ron Goulart, in which a knee replacement surgery leads to all sorts of unexpected yet humorous events, and "The Man in the Mirror" by Geoffrey  A. Landis, about an astronaut's near death experience with a nearly frictionless alien mirror.