How to promote your SF/F novel: send a copy to Glenn Reynolds

The other day a science fiction author with a first novel soon to be published asked me what he should do to promote the book. I told him to send a copy to Glenn Reynolds. Him: Silence. Me: You know, the law professor who writes the extremely popular political blog Instapundit. Him: Oh. I wanted to get some real publicity.

Because of that last comment I'm not naming this naive author. For those who don't know, Instapundit is one of the biggest political blogs in the country, receiving seven million page views last month alone. And Glenn Reynolds loves science fiction and fantasy. He recently promoted the winners of the Hugo awards, highlighted an interview with William Gibson, did a podcast with Vernor Vinge, and regularly mentions new SF/F books he's reading. I wouldn't be surprised if Glenn's doing more to promote SF/F right now than anyone else in the world. So my suggestion to any SF/F writers trying to gain more attention for their novels: send a copy to Glenn Reynolds.