My ConFusion schedule, Jan. 19 to 22, 2017

I'm a participating author at the ConFusion convention in Detroit, January 19 to 22. ConFusion is one of my favorite conventions, featuring a strong literary focus with a laid-back and accessible attitude. This year's guests of honor and special guests are Gail Carriger, Mallory O’Meara, Mark Oshiro, James S.A. Corey, Joe Hill, Gillian Redfearn, and many more.

Here's my panelist schedule. Look for me and say hello.

How to Make Babies with Science
Saturday at 3:00 PM, Isle Royale
We will discussing current availability of genetic modification to create GMOs, designer babies and the advance of Grey Goo that will devour the planet.
Daniel Dugan (M), Jason Sanford, Julie Lesnik, Catherine Shaffer

Autograph Session
Saturday at 4:00 PM, St. Clair
Stop by for a free signed limited edition copy of one of my stories.
Matthew Alan Thyer, Dyrk Ashton, Angela Carina Barry, Mishell Baker, Brandon Black, Elly Blake, Gail Carriger,Suzanne Church, Michael Cieslak, Lesley Conner, Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka, Kate Elliott, Amal El-Mohtar, Janet Harriett, Christian Klaver, Mur Lafferty, Jeffrey Alan Love, Mark Oshiro, Dustin Patrick, Cherie Priest, Adam Rakunas, Jason Sanford, Michael R. Underwood, Brigitte Winter

Blurring the Lines
Sunday at 10:00 AM, Keweenaw
Genre is sometimes described as little more than arbitrary marketing categories, but readers and writers often define themselves by their preferred genre. What makes a genre distinct, and what happens when those distinctions are imported into another genre? Is it just a crossover, or an illustration that the distinctions are arbitrary?
Brandon Black (M), Jackie Morgan, Cherie Priest, Jason Sanford, Kristine Smith