Tansy Rayner Roberts on Mad Mad: Fury Road

This from Tansy Rayner Roberts:

I’ve seen a lot of people comment on the fact that the person who wrote, directed and steered this film, who made so many of the choice decisions (including the deliberate choice to hire a woman as editor as insurance against him screwing this up) is a 70 year old white dude. You know what this means? This means there are no excuses for any creator of any demographic to keep perpetuating old fashioned, boring, and unchallenging genre traditions out of nostalgia, or ignorance, or an inability (unwillingness) to be flexible.

There are just as many outmoded, broken, severely damaging tropes about men as there are about women across many, many genres of film, literature and art. Let’s burn them all down, and find what new stories grow out of the ashes.

I urge everyone to read Roberts' complete essay about Mad Max as a feminist ally. But the comments above are what live with me and should live with every creator and writer and director out there.

Because there's no excuse. There never was before and there damn well isn't one now.